Feet on the ground, overlooking a new horizon - by Robbert Wolf

The following are criteria by which undertake our research:

  • Reality is complex and diverse. There is always social and ecological consequences associated to a research project. This is is the main reason why research has to be done from a holistic and interdisciplinary perspective. Understanding each on of the subjects involved in a defined context.

  • The use of Qualitative methodologies is crucial to complement and contrast now a days quantitative research. Our intention is not to treat any of the subjects involved in a study as objects.

  • During a research project the ideas should be constructively scrutinized in detail; not ignoring the different angles of perception within the research group. Finally obtaining a much more solid proposal within the plurality of views.

  • The collaboration with different research organizations and collectives that are in tune with this criteria, is a foundation stone for path towards a Science with Ethics, with clear and transparent intentionality and motivations.